After traveling by plane for nearly 60 years, air travel is not as enjoyable as before.  Seats, food, comfort, and security procedures have all changed. But perhaps the greatest casualty  may be our luggage! After each new rip,  missing wheel, broken zipper or damaged handle to my luggage, however, I comfort myself thinking of the saga of a couple traveling with me  on my first trip to Israel. It puts things into perspective as their  true story unfolds:

Episode 1. We were beginning to gather  our group  for the van ride to the  Twin Cities airport in Minnesota for a flight to Tel Aviv. Arriving at this first couple’s home, we found them frantically repacking their luggage in different suitcases.   They had packed their original  bags the night before but  had now misplaced the keys. So they hurried over to their son’s home, borrowed his new luggage set, broke the locks off their own bags, and  repacked as we waited.

Israel luggage

Episode 2. Arriving in Tel Aviv, all our luggage was waiting beside  the bus to be put in the underneath storage. But with so many bags, the porters began throwing some luggage on the roof,  damaging the  borrowed luggage of our friends, much to their dismay!

Episode 3. Problem solved.  Near the end of the time in Israel,  bought two beautiful  new hand sewn leather suitcases in Jerusalem,  repacked,  and left their son’s two ripped bags with the maids in the hotel. The maids were delighted with this gift!

Episode 4. Our friends  had arranged to stay in Europe while the rest of us returned to the States. But  arriving in Rome, their brand new leather luggage, packed to capacity, had split open at  the hand sewn seams and their clothing spilled  out  on the baggage carousel.

Episode 5. What to do?  In Rome, they immediately  purchased new American made Samsonite suitcases with built in combination locks. No more keys to lose on this trip! Arriving in Paris a few days later, they discovered  in their hotel room that the combination locks would not open. So they called  a maintenance man to break open the locks so they could have clean clothes. Of course, the damaged  locks ruined  the suitcases’ security for the trip home to Minnesota.  So before  leaving Paris, they gave their Rome purchased  Samsonites to the maintenance man, after repacking in their newly purchased fifth set of luggage.

Episode 6. Upon arriving home, they unpacked and took their new Parisian  luggage to their son, who said  “These are not my bags. Where did you get them?”  “Well”, they replied. “It‘s a long story…..”

Moral of the story? It can be very  risky borrowing someone’s  luggage!  🙂

Dr. Larry Selig  6/5/17


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