“Traveling by Air? Luggage Beware!” Part I

After traveling by plane for nearly 60 years, air travel is not as enjoyable as before.  Seats, food, comfort, and security procedures have all changed. But perhaps the greatest casualty  may be our luggage! After each new rip,  missing wheel, broken zipper or damaged handle to my luggage, however, I comfort myself thinking of the … Continue reading “Traveling by Air? Luggage Beware!” Part I

“I’m fine. Thank you.” Translation: “I do not need any help.”

In the American culture which encourages the value of independence, how reluctant we often are to accept  help from others. It feels like a sign of weakness or dependence.  And yet for Christians, this runs counter to the teachings of Jesus and Paul  that we are created for  community, with openness, vulnerability and mutual support. … Continue reading “I’m fine. Thank you.” Translation: “I do not need any help.”

“How Old Was Jesus When He Died?”

Many artists have attempted to picture Jesus’ appearance. These are only guesses. Each artist fittingly  paints Him as one bearing their cultural identity.  But while no accurate picture exists, the Gospels do preserve historical  records which help approximate His age as He went willingly to the cross. Following His baptism by John the Baptist,  Luke … Continue reading “How Old Was Jesus When He Died?”

“Living a Balanced Christian Life”

In Matthew 22:23-33, a group of religious folk came to Jesus to trap Him, asking a hypothetical question about marriage in Heaven after death. Since these Sadducces  disbelieved in the  Resurrection, Jesus responded rather directly, “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the Power of God.” What Jesus said to … Continue reading “Living a Balanced Christian Life”